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The Hindu Indian Rope Plant

Also known as the: Hoya plant" or the "wax plant", the Hindu Indian Rope Plant is a unique, [...]

Gardenia Plant Care

Gardenia plants are known for their sensitive nature, posing a challenge for even the most expert gardeners. Generally [...]

Bamboo Houseplants

When one thinks of bamboo inside their home, they're most likely thinking of the plant known as Lucky [...]

Staghorn Fern

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Staghorn Fern Care

The first thing I noticed when I first saw a Staghorn Fern was it's unusual and beautiful aesthetic, [...]

A Guide To Flowering House Plants

Flowering House Plants To The Rescue Flowers bring forth an image of happiness, give off delicious fragrance and [...]

A Guide To Succulent Plant Care

Succulents, The Aliens Of The Plant World Some of the most unusual looking and beautiful plants on earth, [...]

An Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Orchid Alive For More Than A Few Weeks

We've all been there. Fascinated by the beauty and elegance of the orchid, we decide to bring one [...]

Growing Your Own ‘Bird Of Paradise’ Plant

If you've never seen a Bird of Paradise plant, you are missing out. Some of the most amazing [...]

Farting plant/ sensitive plant

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Exploding Plants For Your Garden: Touch Me Nots, The Sensitive Plant

Exploding plants are fun, exciting, explosive and weird! The most tame of these plants is the Touch Me Not, [...]

The Ming Aralia Houseplant

Originating from the Pacific islands and Southeast Asia, Ming Aralia's have about six different species that are actively [...]

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How To Grow an Avocado Tree Indoors

On a recent trip to Florida, I had the pleasure of picking fresh avocados from my aunt and [...]

Fittonia: Acanthaceae

The Fittonia Houseplant, a Wonderful Addition To Your Home The Fittonia house plant is one of my absolute [...]

The Dumb Cane Houseplant

I admit, I initially became interested in the Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia amoena) houseplant due to its name. It's [...]

growing olive trees indoors

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Growing Olive Trees Indoors

Olive trees may evoke memories of your recent trip to Spain, or your favorite Greek restaurant, but not [...]

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The Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

Why You Need to Know About the Chicago Hardy Fig Tree The Chicago Hardy Fig tree is one [...]

The 5 Best Large Houseplants

When it comes to growing houseplants, many imagine the tall and large sprawling trees and bushes that many [...]

How To Grow Mushrooms At Home: A Guide

Mushrooms are some of the most amazing things on this planet and constantly astound me. While not necessarily [...]

How to Care for Air Plants

I've recently found myself becoming passionate about air plants, especially as the seasons have changed from fall into [...]

Norfolk Island Pine

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Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island Pine, otherwise known as your favorite miniature Christmas tree, is a great and often popular [...]

The Best Soil for Orchids

Orchids are a beautiful option for your home and contrary to popular belief aren't the fragile flowers you [...]