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March 2017

The Hindu Indian Rope Plant

Also known as the: Hoya plant" or the "wax plant", the Hindu Indian Rope Plant is a unique, [...]

plant therapy essential oils review guide

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Plant Therapy Essential Oils Review Guide

Plant Therapy is owned and operated by Chris and Amanda Jones, a married couple who realized that essential [...]

The Best Indoor LED Grow Lights Reviews

  Growing plants and vegetation year round can seem like a daunting task, especially if you live in [...]

the best cheap essential oils

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My Favorite Cheap Essential Oils

Essential oils are incredible medicinals used in a variety of ways for numerous health benefits, household cleaning agents, [...]

yerba mate


Steeped In The Past: Yerba Mate Is More Than Just A Healthy Coffee Alternative

This is a guest post written by our friends at Flavors can transport us, far beyond the [...]

plant guru essential oil review

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Plant Guru Essential Oils Review

There are many options when it comes to finding the right essential oil brand, which can make it an [...]


Plant News

Can We Supercharge Plants to Absorb More Carbon Dioxide? Yes.

We all know our forests and oceans naturally absorb carbon dioxide from the air, but when dealing with [...]

the best essential oils for colds

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The Best Essential Oils For Colds

Getting sick and is never something any of us look forward to. And while the common cold may [...]